Radley Hand Bags

The Radley handbags company was formed back in 1998 and in the last 12 years they have seen a huge leap in popularity. Their bag designs are creative, fun and yet remain functional. And oddly enough I keep buying various bags and accessories and yet I don't own a single one.

Every time I buy something from the Radley range, it's for my sister and occasionally for my daughter. She adores the range and it was my sister that first introduced me to the name. A few years ago I noticed a lovely, fun looking bag sat Golden Goose Sale on her kitchen table.

That particular one was in a glorious red, complete with the endearing Scottie Dog motif attached to the handle the symbol that is synonymous with Radley. Picking it up, I asked her where it was from, how much it cost and when she'd bought it.

At the point she told me the price I knew it'd take me some justification before I ever bought one but that didn't detract from my fascination with hers. From that day to this she now owns a fair collection as well as accessories, purses, an umbrella and several other trinkets.

And perhaps when I stop treating my own bag as though it's a hessian sack I may yet treat myself to a Radley bag.

All Radley bags are vibrant and, ultimately, fun. They're quirky, different and what's more made out of leather. A must for any hardworking handbag. The company themselves claim to understand what a woman wants from her handbag and, from what I've seen, their claim is an honest one.

My sister used one of Radley's baby bags when her two sons were young and it not http://www.goldengoosesale.com/ only had the usual appeal of the brand but stood up to being used and abused for about three years. The current favourite is a blue shoulder bag spacious, full of little nooks and crannies for her 'phone, keys, purse and so on.

Maybe I really should think about investing in one sometime soon. I travel as though I could up and go at any time and rarely leave home without a horde of bits and pieces I couldn't possibly live without. How do men do it?!

A Radley grab bag is a smaller, more compact version of the shoulder bag style. Designed to be held in the hand and more suited to a night out than work or normal daytoday living, they're nonetheless a great little handbag and still as fun and stylish as the larger styles.

If there's one thing I love about any handbag, it's the fact that it's made out of leather. And other than for the baby bags, Radley uses the softest of leathers, vibrantly dyed and beautifully stitched often with embossed detailing or smaller leather embellishments decorating the exterior of their bags.

Of course the same attention is paid to the interior matching or, if it works with the bag's style, contrasting linings. From what I've seen of my sisters bags and the one that I bought for my daughter two Christmases ago, the inside of a Radley bag is often as interesting as the outside.

The Radley workbags are designed to hold and safely contain a notebook. Some are for that purpose only while others are intended to carry a laptop as well as other essential work items.

They're manufactured to withstand a fair amount of use and yet they still manage to retain the typical Radley style. They're almost a briefcase, without having the rigid appearance of one. If you're wanting something that encompasses style yet remains entirely functional, a workbag may be the style you should consider from the range.

You've got to love the radley baby bags. There are two styles backpack or shoulder. All are manufactured from a waterproof nylon and contain a separate baby changing mat. There are plenty of pockets, two removable pouches and the shoulder styles ingeniously fit securely onto most strollers and prams. All have a spacious interior, fit for carrying the various baby accessories required of mobile mothers.

The interiors are also waterproof in case of spillages. I know I experienced the occasional bottle spill back in the days when I trudged from pillar to post with my babies and half of what usually resided in their nurseries. Unfortunately I never owned something that made my life a little easier.

These days, Radley and many other bag manufactures factor in life's little accidents always guaranteed to happen around small, messy younglings.

The Radley Tote bags are gorgeous. All are chic, diminutive and exceedingly appealing. Maybe it's because of their size that for me, they're possibly the most charming of the Radley range.

All the same attention to detail is applied but because they're tiny, they're also kinda ditsy. And you know most women can't resist small and cute. It's why our homes are often invaded by fluffy waifs and strays .

I think it's in our genes to coo over anything remotely adorable and the tote bags certainly fall into that criterion. Irresistible, charming and we want one just because.

And when I grow up and stop treating my current bag as though it was a faithful old mutt always around, ready to serve and able to go anywhere with me I'll be treating myself to a Radley bag. In the meantime I think I shall just buy another one for my sister's next birthday.

At least she knows how to look after a bag that's not only useful but an investment so far as anything fashionable ever can be.

Justine76 5 years ago

How do men do it? there is always a woman around they can ask for help. :)

Ive never seen or heard of these before, and Im really not much of a handbag person. I get the cheapest largest bag I can, stuff everything I own into it, you never know when your going to need sutures, or clean socks, or a cheeseburger.

but these are very cute. Maybe next time I am in town, I'll look around in the accessories and see what advances have been made in the handbag department in my neck of the woods.

2patricias 5 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

Pat says I own a Radley bag that I bought on a visit to Chichester with Tricia about 8 years ago. It is very plain and has worn so well it still looks like new.


About 4 years ago my daughter found a Radley bag in a sale bin while we were shopping the postChristmas sales. It was quite elaborate various shades of green and cream, fancy shape. I used it for about a year then decided it was too 'fancy' for me. I sold it on eBay for more than I had paid, even though I photographed it and explained that I had used it for a year and it was not new.